Asian cuisine is what we’re passionate about...its diversity, its colour, its bold flavours.

Let us take you on the ultimate asian foodie experience. Beginning at the historic Lake Taihu (the inspiration for our name), a region famous for its traditions of balance and hospitality. Just like the culture, our food is varied and distinct, with the freshest of ingredients and the most delicate of flavours.

Travelling further south, let us help you explore the sultry flavours of Thailand and Vietnam, where it’s all about balance, the yin and the yang. Pungent fresh herbs balance the potent spices and tangy sauces are tempered with sweetness. 

Our team of chefs encourage you to taste the vibrant, colourful and rich flavours of Indonesia and the unique explosion of flavours in Malaysian cuisine: sweet, sour, rich and spicy all at once! 

Our mission is to bring this unique and authentic dining experience to you.

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